Field trip

Two options for field trip are proposed on Wednesday 13th November (afternoon).

The number of places is limited. Registration for field trip is mandatory when registring for the conference.


1. Expérimental platform PRESTI (Montpellier)

Combining experiments (in controlled and field conditions) and numerical simulation the PReSTI platform works on innovative irrigation systems. It aims at optimizing their performance at different levels of the waterstream, from water uptake to its application to the plant. The valorization of treated wastewater through irrigation or application of fertilizers (fertigation) is also addressed along with the development of irrigation scheduling tools.
The platform conducts research until the fnal application, R&D with the industry, tests on irrigation equipment under standardized protocols and quality insurance process

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PRESTI platform





2. Water users association "Canal de Gignac" (30 km from Montpellier)

Pumping station, gravity and pressurized networks, irrigated vineyards...


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