Scientific workshop

Assessment of water savings and irrigation performance


Topics of the workshop

While the search of optimal irrigation performance is advocated by many policies and research programs, there are multiple ways and metrics to define and quantify this performance. Even the concept of irrigation efficiency is subject to controversy due to the considered boundaries of the system, to the rebound effects associated with the optimization of irrigation efficiency, or to the difficulty to measure supposedly relevant indicators. Therefore, the concepts underlying irrigation performance must evolve, considering notably the limitations of the existing methodologies (e.g. scale and rebound effects, measurability), new expectations from the society (e.g., ecosystem services, circular economy, contribution to climate change mitigation), new opportunities to evaluate irrigation systems thanks for instance to recent technologies (e.g. connected flowmeters and sensors, remote sensing).

The objective of the workshop is to contribute to the update of irrigation performance concepts, to present and discuss new metrics and methods to evaluate this performance, considering the limitations of existing methodologies, new issues and opportunities for the irrigation sector. 


Call for communications for the scientific workshop

Contributions are expected on all topics related to irrigation performance, such as metrics of irrigation performance, new technologies applied to performance assessment, new concepts, selection of appropriate indicators, models and tools, critical analysis of existing methods... The workshop is open to theoretical contributions as well as case studies.

Deadline for abstract submission : 8 September 2019

Notification for abstract acceptance : 20 september 2019


Abstract submission for the scientific workshop

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